The industry standard for power quality database management and analysis software.



PQView is an industry-leading and multi-component software system for monitoring and analyzing power quality and energy measurements. This powerful software tool improves operations by integrating systems, analyzing energy measurement data, assisting to prevent and control failures, and providing actionable information to troubleshoot performance problems.

PQView is designed for power providers, industrial consumers, power generators, consulting companies and researchers.

“PQView saves us hours of valuable time when investigating customer and network Power Quality issues; data that was once attained from numerous cumbersome spreadsheets is now readily available in one database application.”

Scott Mercer, Engineering Team lead, Power Quality, BC Hydro

How It Works

PQView imports and leverages information from different devices, creating a variety of customizable reports to meet specific needs, reduce the costs of field investigations, and improve customer satisfaction.

Data sources include:

  • Power quality monitors
  • Digital relays
  • Fault recorders
  • Smart meters
  • SCADA databases

Key Benefits

PQView functionalities and capabilities include:

  • Reduces the time required to pinpoint cable faults, reducing outage duration
  • Allows comparison of protection settings on different components in an electrical distribution system, reducing prolonged outages
  • Assists with prediction of equipment damage before catastrophic failure to save high repair costs, prevent long-duration outages, extend infrastructure lifespan, and possibly prevent environmental oil spills and fires
  • Follow-up fault analysis helps determine if faults are reoccurring in a specific area for reasons such as poor tree trimming, excessive salt contamination, bad insulators and lightning arrestors.
  • Facilitates voltage event analysis to determine origin of problem
  • Analyzes trend data that includes voltage, current, power, power quality, power factor, energy, harmonics and flicker
  • Correlates wind speed and direction data imported from Environment Canada sources with fault data during certain wind conditions to locate areas that might need better pole configuration or more storm guys.

Key Features

  • Imports and manages data from a multitude of monitoring devices and databases.
  • Creates data log trends, histograms, profiles, scatter charts, and statistical summary tables
  • Generates ITIC, SEMI-F47, and custom voltage sag magnitude-duration charts
  • Provides a fully configurable email notification system for a multitude of event types as well as notification when data sources fail to communicate
  • Includes correlation of data from portable PQ analyzers
  • Stores field data that can be viewed by other users without the need for multiple software applications

How to Get This Service

Energy Ottawa can help you build and commission your system and provide a service agreement to meet all of your requirements. Choose from a variety of options that include:

  • Maintaining all functionality of the system and providing users with screened critical data freeing up resources to review events that require action
  • Creating a customer agreement to provide specific resources
  • Collecting data from sources and hosting PQView on a secure server and providing web access, email alerts, and reports
  • Providing tech support and training

Please contact us at 613-738-5499 ext. 7152 for more details.