How Our Method Works

XLPE cable infrastructure has been used extensively for more than 40 years world-wide to distribute electricity in urban areas.

Our unique and proprietary service is an on-site diagnostic test that measures the depolarization current within an isolated and de-energized cable. The results categorize the cable condition as good, fair, or poor.

One of the main aging mechanisms of underground XLPE cables is the development of water trees. Water trees are small tree-shaped channels of moisture and ionic impurities that diffuse within the insulation of an XLPE cable and propagate under the effect of an electric field. Over time, water trees can grow and degrade the quality of the insulation.

Our service uses a health index to assess the condition of medium voltage cable based on the progression of water trees. There has been a consistent correlation between a higher value health index and the length and density of water trees within the insulation. Our method gives an accurate representation of the health of the cable by diagnosing the condition of the insulation.