Rooftop Solar

Solar power generating systems use photovoltaic solar cells to convert energy from the sun directly into a flow of electrons, which generates electricity for consumers.

Energy Ottawa has partnered with the City of Ottawa to increase its renewable generation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Together, we’re developing solar systems on municipal buildings.

In 2010, pilot rooftop solar systems were installed at Ottawa City Hall and the City’s Integrated Transit Operations Control Centre (875 Belfast Road).

Based on the success of this pilot project, the City and Energy Ottawa are deploying larger solar systems on municipal buildings, such as arenas, pools and City garages.

Energy Ottawa has secured contracts from the Independent Electricity System Operator’s Feed-In-Tariff program. The projects have a combined capacity of roughly 2.3 megawatts and will be built in 2016. The estimated generation is 3,000,000 kWh/year, which is enough to power 307 homes in Ottawa.