Our Company

Energy Ottawa is Ontario’s largest municipally-owned producer of green power.

Green power is electricity produced from renewable or non-polluting and non-hazardous technologies. It is distributed over the regular electricity grid, and made available to consumers of electricity as a more environmentally responsible alternative.

In Ontario, “green” technologies include

Our Impact

Over the past ten years, we have more than quadrupled our renewable electricity generation from 80,000 MWh to more than 330,000 MWh. We intend to continue to expand our renewable generation capacity in the coming years.

Developing Ontario’s low-impact, renewable green power capabilities will not only have substantial benefits for the environment, but also the economy. For every million dollars invested in energy, an average of:

  • 36.3 jobs are created in the energy efficiency sector;
  • 12.2 jobs in the renewable energy sector; and
  • Only 7.3 jobs in the development of conventional energy.*

*Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development, Comparative Analysis of Employment from Air Emission Reduction Measures.

Our Facilities

Energy Ottawa is committed to developing innovative sources of green power generation. As of 2013, it has a portfolio of green power generation that includes:

In total, our electricity generating stations produce approximately 330,000 megawatt hours of renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gases by over 400,000 metric tonnes of CO2 per year. Respect for the environment is a central value of our business, and our green power operations are hardworking examples of our commitment.

Our Future

In addition to our existing generating stations, we are continually exploring alternative ways to develop new sources of green power and planning innovative projects to increase our generating capacity in future years. All possibilities are being examined from a business and environmental perspective.

Currently, we have two solar projects in development with the City of Ottawa. Each is subject to approvals under the Feed-in-Tariff program by the Ontario Power Authority, and each is on hold pending the upgrading of the Hydro One Hawthorne transformer station, which is scheduled to be completed by early 2014.