Smart Data Solutions

Our Smart Data Solutions help you measure, see and react in real-time, to changes in your energy and water usage patterns. You can also track and present your renewable energy systems, and demonstrate your green footprint efforts.

Our  hardware, software and consulting services help reduce energy and water usage, optimize performance of renewable energy systems, and increase green footprints for customers across commercial/retail, industrial, government, education, renewable and utility sectors.

EnergyFlow™ Monitor collects data from individual meters (electric, gas, steam, fuel oil, water) in one minute intervals, which is then transmitted via a gateway panel to our secure servers. The data can be accessed over the web and from our mobile apps, from anywhere, anytime. Meaningful graphics, analysis based alerts, detailed reporting and complete data export flexibility give you the answers, not just the details.

Key Features

  • One minute interval reporting
  • Web-based data access
  • Display of current, daily, monthly, and 365 day use, peak and average demand
  • View of real-time data against user defined bench­marks such as budget, baseline, and ENERGY STAR
  • Display of facility’s carbon and energy footprints
  • In-depth data analytics with export capability
  • Web based data storage of historical consumption, demand, weather data
  • Customizable alerts (text, email), including notifications of peak demand periods

We track your building’s energy (electricity, gas, steam, oil) and water use in real-time and at the most granular level – enabling you to adjust your settings based on occupancy patterns. In addition, you will receive immediate notifications when peak demand thresholds are met.

EnergyFlow™ tracks electricity use on a load-by-load, or alternatively, on a tenant-by-tenant basis. Customers can use the sub-metering for tenant sub-billing, to track return on capex, and for measurement & verification (M&V) credits for LEED certification.

Portfolio Tracker

PortfolioTracker enables customers to monitor energy consumption across multiple sites from a single dashboard. The information is normalized for variables such as square footage to enable prioritizing of energy efficiency investments. In addition, energy consumption across properties can be aggregated to negotiate better pricing.

Energy Ottawa Portal

Energy Ottawa’s Portal Services provides “day-after” access to you Hydro Ottawa “Interval Meter” data.

The Portal is an excellent first step in helping you determine when and how you use electricity, what it’s costing you, and why. The Portal allows you to:

  • monitor current and historical electricity usage data (i.e. kWh, kVh, kW)
  • view and graph customized information for specific locations or dates
  • download relevant data for your own spreadsheets and applications
  • access weather data in temperature and degree-days
  • check your consumption against the Hourly Ontario Energy Price (HOEP)
  • calculate and graph your daily, weekly or monthly costs
  • easily give your operations team the ability to monitorand manage consumption

24/7 access via the Internet

You will be accessing a password-protected, web-based service via a secure page on our website. You can log in any time of the day and from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Information from a reliable source

Your current and historical usage data is based on information from Hydro Ottawa’s billing database. The raw data you access now is the same data that will be used to calculate your electricity bill.

Downloadable data

You can view and graph customized information for specific locations or dates, and even download the data for your own spread sheets and tracking applications.

Affordable service packages

This is not an expensive service. Packages start at $50.00 per month and this cost will appear as a separate line item on your regular electricity bill. Of course, by the time you get your bill, the consumption data shown will be “old news”!

 Interested? E-mail us at and we will send you a guest password for our Demo site. On our Demo site, you can see for yourself, and experience the power of the Energy Ottawa Portal.