Energy Ottawa Helps Pembroke Save and Look Great!

The City of Pembroke has just completed the conversion of their 1,731 street lights to much more efficient LED fixtures. They have reduced their electrical street lighting load by an amazing 67% which reduces their bill by over $120K per year.

Ottawa River Power Corporation (ORPC) and Ottawa River Energy Solutions (ORES), in partnership with Energy Ottawa, completed the entire conversion over a 13 week period. In addition to the conversion, we also installed 1,200 fuse kits to provide protection and isolation to the entire network of lights.

ORES (a corporation with the City of Pembroke as a major shareholder) covered the financing of the project. ORES anticipates that the project conversion will be paid in 5.26 years and will be achieved from the energy savings ($120K annually), lower maintenance costs ($35K annually) and energy rebates (anticipated at $160K).

As part of a competitive process, Energy Ottawa was chosen as the project partner based on design ability, experience and price.

Denis Montgomery, President of Ottawa River Power, commented that “the project went quickly, and efficiently, with nothing but positive feedback from the citizens of Pembroke. Many residents noticed an immediate improvement in the quality of light, while others noticed a positive change, but didn’t realize that the lights had been changed. The City looks great, and we encourage other municipalities to make the switch to LED.”

Energy Ottawa has just begun the design and procurement for the conversion of street lights for the entire City of Ottawa, and is in discussions with other municipalities to complete their conversions.

About Energy Ottawa

Energy Ottawa is a diversified and innovative energy company that generates green power and offers an extensive range of energy management and procurement services to a wide variety of customers. A wholly owned subsidiary of Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc., Energy Ottawa is committed to the highest standards of customer service and environmental responsibility.