Energy Management

If utilities are a significant expense for your organization, our energy management services are here to help.

Energy Ottawa offers a complete range of energy management services to help you evaluate your building systems, manage energy & water consumption, raise occupant awareness, and develop a plan to reduce utility costs.

Our list of services includes

  • Find out how you stack up – Benchmarking of energy/water consumption and cost against similar buildings
  • Do more than just pay the bills – Monthly analysis reports of utility consumption and cost
  • Identify the opportunities – Energy audits (ASHRAE Levels I, II, & III)
  • Should you be leading edge? – Feasibility studies for the implementation of new technologies
  • How can you make sure this will work? – Engineering design of energy efficiency retrofits
  • Get some help to offset the costs – Incentive applications for retrofits and audits
  • Justify and celebrate your efforts – Monitoring & Verification (M&V) of savings from efficiency retrofits including establishing baselines, developing M&V plans, and developing metering plans to validate savings
  • Create accountability for utility use and cost – Installation of metering systems for all utilities for billing, cost allocation, troubleshooting building operation, monitoring solar power system performance, and verification of utility savings
  • Tune up your building – Retro-commissioning of existing buildings
  • Improve your electricity costs on both sides of the meter – Demand response programs that pay electricity users to displace generation
  • Take a holistic approach – Consulting for BOMA BESt green building labelling program